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Many people don't realize that 95% of professional theatre in Canada is not-for-profit.  Funder, sponsors and donors help us close the financial gap and keep the ticket prices accessible.  Donating to the Arts has a strong postive impact on our culture that just keeps rippling into different areas of society.  Supporting our own artists keeps Canadian stories in the forefront and helps us to understand and find beauty in our world.  A thriving Arts community impacts many sectors of the economy and creates a balanced society.  When asked to describe the most profound moments of their lives, after family milestones, many people choose an artistic experience as one of their defining moments. 

At Touchstone we believe in Canadian culture and in helping this country's artistic community grow and continue to innovate and excel.  We encourage you to join us, both in our larger vision and in all the little endeavors along the way that help it materialize it our all our programming and activities.  Your financial support will be acknowledged in our house programs and on this page on our website, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

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“Thank-you so much Katrina and everyone at Touchstone for a truly essential and inspiring season of great Canadian work and productions. What Touchstone brings to Vancouver is so very important and is of such significant quality. For us, the season started so well and just seemed to get better with each piece.”
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