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Michaela Jeffery's WROL to premiere at Persephone Theatre
Oct 30 - Nov 13

In its inaugural 2018-19 Season, The New Crew funded three days of development for Calgary-based Michaela Jeffery to participate in a workshop her new play WROL (Without Rule of Law), which culminated in a public reading as part of The Cultch's Femme Series.

Following that reading, WROL (Without Rule of Law) was selected for a premiere production at Persephone Theatre October 30 - November 13, 2019.

Speaking about the impact The New Crew had on WROL's growth, Michaela says: 

In my professional working experience, this kind of opportunity – a full three day intensive workshop that culminates in a public reading – is extraordinary and rare. Traditionally, when putting up a new play, a small amount of resources are dedicated to some very preliminary workshopping of the script (usually when it’s in its absolute earliest stages), but from the moment it has to begin gearing up for production, there is no longer any capacity to support this kind of exploratory work – no matter how essential it might yet be.
By providing dedicated compensated time, a venue, a dynamite company of performers, and some seriously world class dramaturgical consultation, Touchstone gave me the essential support necessary to make informed, meaningful revisions to the script in anticipation of future production. WROL (Without Rule of Law) is currently slated to Premiere at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon in November 2019.
As a playwright, it is unique and remarkable to be able to get to do this kind of work in real time – to be on the ground and empowered to be responsive and exacting in pursuit of the best possible iteration of the story I aim to tell.
I am enormously grateful to have been supported in this very insightful and deliberate way by a company that has such a deep understanding and demonstrable investment in playwrights.
I have so much gratitude for the immense courage, exuberance, intelligence and rigor with which this process was led. Thank you so much to Amy Lynn, Roy, and Touchstone – what this experience has meant for me and my work is enormous.

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