Youth aged 18 and under see Touchstone shows for FREE!
Plus, have opportunities to meet with artists throughout the season for an intimate insider’s view of the plays and their creation process. 

To see Kill Me Now, Mortified, and Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools, email Annie Jang at to reserve your free seat and find out more about the goPLAY program.

“I met some of my personal theatre heroes, and was able to talk with them and better understand both the play I had just seen and the theatre industry in general!”  
- former goPLAY Member Luke McAndless-Davis
"The program provided me with the opportunity to see a large variety and quantity of performances; without the support of Touchstone I wouldn't have been able to see so many shows in high school.  I am now working as a lighting designer and I find myself constantly thinking back on the shows that I was able to see through goPLAY.  The chance to chat about what we had seen after the shows with people like Katrina was unique and led me to think about things I may have missed during the show."
- former goPLAY Member Noah Feaver

"As a youth living in a low income family, goPLAY opened up a wide range of theatre; I watched Chekhov's Uncle Vanya and Three Sisters when I was 15!"
- former goPLAY Member Andrew Chu