In Development

Over 100 Canadian plays and counting. Touchstone Theatre develops and presents professional theatrical productions. We explore the contemporary Canadian play through content and form. We stimulate public interest in Canadian cultural perspectives. Touchstone is currently developing the following plays:
Adam Claims His Baggage
by Daniel Maté

In this “autobiomagical” musical by award-winning composer-lyricist (and Touchstone’s 2016-17 Writer-in-Residence) Daniel Maté, a neurotic, hyper-intelligent guy in his late ‘30s is stuck at an airport, intent on boarding the most important flight of his life. But before he can take off, Adam must complete a surreal existential/psychological process of “claiming” his “baggage" (physically represented by actual luggage on a conveyor belt) by reliving some of his most perplexing, embarrassing, and difficult moments from childhood until the present day. Will he be willing to open up his baggage and see what it contains? And if he does, will he be willing to finally put it down? 

Polly and the Penthouse
by Sally Stubbs

Part local history, part coming-of-age story, Polly and the Penthouse follows a young woman in her journey through the world of Vancouver's iconic Penhouse Nightclub. Full of fascinating true tidbits and encompassing a wide range of musical styles, this site-specific musical is in its early stages.