The Lawyer Show 2002

Witness For The Prosecution 

by Agatha Christie
April 26 & 27, 2002
The Stanley Theatre

Witness for the Prosecution tells the tale of Sir Wilfred Robarts, who, on the first day back in his chambers after a life-threatening illness, is confronted by a plea for help from a young man, Leonard Vole. Vole is about to be arrested for the murder of an elderly woman whom he recently befriended. Despite Vole's claim that he left the woman's home before the time of the murder, his only alibi is his wife Romaine-who has her own agenda. After Vole's arrest, the case moves to a stunning and unexpected conclusion that will leave audiences gasping.

The Cast

Jas Basra, RBS Lawyers
Scott Bell, Crown Counsel
Joseph Bellows, Crown Counsel
Camille Ciarniello, Bull, Housser & Tupper
Todd Croll, Imperial Parking
Jason Gratl, Stikeman Elliot
Chris Haines, Campney & Murphy
Rod Hayley, Lawson Lundell
Vanessa J. Soon, Crown Counsel
Scott Johnston, Clark, Wilson Barristers & Solicitors
Thea Koshman, Alexander Holburn
Miriam Kresivo, Chevron
Georgialee Lang, Georgialee Lang & Associates
Gerald Lecovin, Lecovin & Co.
David Lecovin, Heenan Blaikie
Alex Levine, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
Joe McArthur, Blake, Cassels & Grayden
Mandana Namazi, Department of Justice
Darlene Patrick, Department of Justice
Jim Poyner, Poyner Baxter
Rob Ruttan, Crown Counsel
Deborah Satanove, B.C. Supreme Court
Andrea Spence, Davis & Co
Angela Thiele, Lindsay Kenney
Fred Weisberg, Weisberg Law Corporation

The Creative Team

Director, Katrina Dunn
Set Design, Ted Roberts

The Special Guests

Gail M. Dickson, Q.C.
Mr. Justice Lance Finch
Mr. Justice John E. Hall
Christopher E. Hinkson, QC
Madam Justice M. Humphries
Terence E. La Liberte, QC
Madam Justice M. Marvyn Koenigsberg
Allan D. McEachern
Karen F. Nordlinger, Q.C.
Mr. Justice Wallace T. Oppal
Richard Peck, QC
Patricia Proudfoot
Terrence L. Robertson, QC
Mr. Justice William B. Scarth
Anne M. Stewart, Q.C.
Marvin R.V. Storrow, QC
Martin R. Taylor, Q.C.
Josiah Wood, QC

The Sponsors

Alexander Holburn
Blake, Cassels & Graydon
Canadian Bar Association
DK Development Associates
Fraser Milner Casgrain
Imperial Parking
Lindsay Kenney
The Vancouver Bar Association

Witness For The Prosecution