White Biting Dog

White Biting Dog By Judith Thompson

By Judith Thompson
Apr 26 - May 11, 1985
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Roy Surette
Starring David Bloom, Lori Dungey, Micki Maunsell and Morris Panych
Set & Costume Design Pearl Bellesen
Lighting Design Don Oxley
Stage manager Jan Hodgson
Poster James A. Glen

"All in all, it's a show bursting with eccentric theatricality, wild poetic language, and marvellous acting."
- Roger Mitton, The West Ender

"White Biting Dog ... is orgiastic and poetic in its use of language ... and achieves its power by an accretion of extraordinary images. [...] this play, on some level, is an extraordinary poem of cancer, on the knowledge of mortality, on the physiological base of every emotion. What is extreme about Miss Thompson's approach is that her characters say everything."
- Carole Corbeil

Photo: Lori Dungey, Morris Panych, David Bloom, George Dawson and Micki Maunsell by Caryn Fehr