Where is Kabuki?

Where is Kabuki? By Don Druik

By Don Druik
Nov 8 - Dec 3, 1989
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Roy Surette
Starring Terry Barclay, Alex Diakun, Jay Hirabayashi, Thomas Hunt, Jay Ono, Tracey Olson and Leroy Schulz
Set Design Minoru Endo
Costume Design Pearl Bellesen
Lighting Design Gerald King and Borja Brown
Slide Component Tim Matheson
Musical Accompaniment Wendy Stuart
Kabuki Movement Dennis Duncan
Technical Director Michael McConnell
Stage Manager Sarah Martin

"Touchstone has a splendid design and some equally good performances"
- Kerry Moore, The Province

"Audience have come to admire the company's blend of traditional kimono, and plays that employ both words and music - and a contemporary sense of beauty and humor. Mr. Kanoh claims such eclecticism was actually part of the original Kabuki concept."
- Keiko Kambara, The Christian Monitor

Photo: Terry Barclay by David Cooper