Unidentified Human Remains & the True Nature of Love

Unidentified Human Remains & the True Nature of Love

By Brad Fraser
Feb 2 - 24, 1991
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Bonnie Gibson
Starring Chilton Crane, Lorena Gale, Shelly Goldstein, Andrew Kavadas, Allan Morgan, John Pyper-Ferguson and Frank Zotter
Set Design Mark Deggan
Costume Design Brodie Davison
Lighting Design Gerald King
Sound Design Peter Willson
Assistant Director Edward J.Astley
Technical Director Michael D. Gall
Stage Manager Cynthia Burtinshaw

"Can a play keep a hearty sense of humour if it deals with the darker side of human relationships? Can a show that involves frequent nudity be intelligent? Can a Canadian playwright create a funny, serious, sensual, sophisticated and engaging script? And if such a play exists, does Vancouver ever get to see it? Lay your doubts aside. The Touchstone Theatre Company has affirmative answers to all these questions in a production that triumphs beyond the successes of a remarkable script. The playwright in question is Edmonton's Brad Fraser, who has set Unidentified Human Remains in his own home."
- Harald Gravelsins, The Ubyssey

"It captured me, grabbed at my gut and hung on. Unidentified Human Remains & The True Nature of Love, presented by Touchstone Theatre at the Firehall, was so compelling I went back for more. [...] An exceptional cast superbly explore Fraster's forcible story of love and the fragile grip on identity. [...] To the director, cast and crew - Bravo!"
- Patrick Healey, Angles

Photo: John Pyper-Ferguson and Lorena Gale by David Cooper