Three Penny Opera

Three Penny Opera By Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill

By Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill
Feb 11- Mar 12, 1988
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Roy Surette
Starring Mark Carey, Babs Chula, Brenda Crichlow, Michael Gall, Chris Heyerdahl, Mitch Malloy, Tom McBeath, Richard Newman^, Nicole Robert, Vincent de Tourdonnet, Leslie Toy and Lori Valleau
Musical Director Jeff Corness^
Set & Costume Design Pearl Bellesen
Lighting Design Gerald King
Musical Staging Trudi Forrest
Text Adaptation Vincent de Tourdonnet
Scenic Drops Artistic Kevin Dubois
Video & Slides Peg Campbell
Assistant Director Joanna Maratta
Technical Director Michael McConnell
Stage Manager Michael Cunningham

" This is a very ambitious project for Touchstone, and they've done a clever job."
- Marvin Entz, The West Ender

"Touchstone Theatre's Three Penny Opera is good entertainment: overtly theatrical in true Brechtian spirit, well-cast, successfully adapted to its locale."
- Justin Brown, The Ubyssey

^ - Jessie Richardson Award Nomination

Photo: Lori Valleau, Tom McBeath and Babs Chula by David Cooper