The Unseen Hand

The Unseen Hand By Sam Shepard

By Sam Shepard
Aug 22 - Sept 2, 1978 Vancouver East Cultural Centre
May 19 - 28, 1979 Flamingo Theatre

Director Ian Fenwick
Starring John Carral, Ian MacKenzie, Hilmi Mohamed, John Taylor and Colin Thomas Environment Doug Ford
Musical Direction Barbara MacKinnon
Musicians Tom Dowden, Paul Gaffney, Melvin Krawchuk, Doug MacKinnon, Al Robinson and Dave Webb
Stage Manager Christine Smith

"... Touchstone is the city's only extant example of risk-taking experimentalism in the theatre. And The Unseen Hand brings it, finally, into its own."
- Max Wyman, Vancouver Sun

"It's a wild and crazy show that mixed up all the clichés of sci-fi, Wild West movies and rock'n'roll and comes up with a satiric reflexion on American mythology and its effects on our everyday lives."
- Bob Allen, The Province

"This remarkable piece of work by Touchstone is particularly distinctive for its success in creating a totally absorbing, multi-dimensional environment."
- Bob Allen, The Province