The Erotic Art Show

The Erotic Art Show By Kathryn Allison

By Kathryn Allison
Mar 9 - Apr 8, 1995
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Stephane Kirkland and Roy Surette
Starring Babz Chula, Susinn McFarlen and Beatrice Zeilinger
Set and Costume Design Barbara Clayden
Lighting Design Gerald King
Technical Director Michael Gall
Stage Manager Carolyn Reemeyer

"... You will laugh till your stomach hurts."
Joy Huston

"...The Erotic Art Show is loaded with wit, spice and hilarious repartee."
Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Photo: Beatrice Zeilinger, Babz Chula and Susinn McFarlen by Andree Lanthier