The Dissemblers

The Dissemblers By Jason Bryden

By Jason Bryden
1 - 10 May 2008 PTC Studio at Festival House on Granville Island

The Dissemblers was developed as part of Flying Start: a collaboration between Playwrights Theatre Centre and Touchstone Theatre.

Directed by Amiel Gladstone
Starring Sasa Brown, Medina Hahn, Jennifer Mawhinney, John Murphy, Michael Rinaldi
Set Design by Yvan Morissette
Lighting Design by Adrian Muir
Costume Design by Drew Facey
Sound Design by Amiel Gladstone and Michael Rinaldi
Dramaturgy by Heidi Taylor
Stage Manager Jennifer Swan
Assistant Stage Manager David Warburton
Production Manager and Technical Director Yvan Morissette

Photo: John Murphy by David Cooper.