The Crackwalker

The Crackwalker By Judith Thompson

By Judith Thompson
Mar 18 - Apr 10, 1982
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director John Cooper
Starring Larry Lillo, Robert Metcalfe, Barbara Russell, Paul Stanley and Nadia Venesse
Set & Costume Design Pearl Bellesen
Lighting Design Cameron McGill
Stage Manager Marietta Kozak

"...The Crackwalker provides a powerful theatre experience, and when one considers that this is the playwright's first work, one is doubly impressed."
- Kingston Whig Standard Magazine

"It is an extraordinary play, [...], the kind that drags you in, wrings you out and then lets you go, hurting but with a slightly clearer idea of yourself. [...] This play may have the body of a 53' Ford, but has the fine tuning and the motor of a Rolls Royce."
- Paul Wilson, Shades

Photo: Robert Metcalfe, Nadia Venesse, Barbara Russell and Larry Lillo