Sex Tips for Modern Girls

Sex Tips for Modern Girls

Collectively Created by Edward Astley, Susan Astley, Kim Seary, John Sereda, Hilary Strang, Christine Willes and Peter Eliot Weiss
Feb 6 - 23, 1985
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Susan Astley
Starring Edward Astley*, Kim Seary*, Hilary Strang and Christine Willes
Musical Director John Sereda
Set & Costume Design Pearl Bellesen
Lighting Design/Technical Director Don Oxley
Stage Manager Ingrid Turk

"... performed with such style and virtuosity by its four member cast it is without a doubt a terrific evening entertainment and theatre. This is a terrific offering from Touchstone Theatre: another one of this city's small theatre groups who are presenting some of the best material in Vancouver."
- Georgia Straight

" The surprise hit of the season is Sex Tips For Modern Girls, a musical comedy about what women want. Written by a group of West-Coast actresses, it is unfailingly fast-paced, knowing, humane and hilarious. If standing ovations weren't out of style this year, Sex Tips would have had one opening night."
- Toronto Star

* - Jessie Richardson Award Winner

Photo: Ed Astley, Kim Seary, Hilary Strang and Christine Willes by Glen Erickson