Nancy Prew: Clue in the Fast Lane

Nancy Prew: Clue in the Fast Lane

July 10 - 31, 1986
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Roy Surette
Starring Beverley Cooper, Lori Dungey, Colin Mochrie, Alana Shields, Derek Boyes and Brian Linds
Set & Costume Design Pearl Bellesen
Lighting Design Gerald King
Sound Design Peter Chapman
Additional Sound Jan Hodgson
Stage Manager Ingrid Turk

"Nancy Prew: Clue in the Fast Lane, as presented at the Firehall by Touchstone Theatre, is good fun with broader age appeal than the Nancy Drew detective books it spoofs."
- Mick Maloney, Vancouver Courier

"Well directed by Roy Surrette, it's 90 minutes of great sarcastic fun. There's more than a hint of punk sensibility in it..."
- Lloyd Dykk, Vancouver Sun

Photo: Lori Dungey, Alana Shields and Beverley Cooper by James Glen