Lost Souls & Missing Persons

Lost Souls & Missing Persons By Sally Clark

Director Roy Surette^
Starring Patti Allan^, Leslie Jones^, Ray Michal, Elisabeth Ormsby, Callum Rennie, Brian Torpe^, Wes Tritter and Allan Zinyk*
Set Design Phillip Tidd^
Costume Design Sheila White^
Lighting Design Gerald King
Sound Design Jeff Corness*
Assistant Director Norman Armour
Technical Director Michael McConnell
Stage Manager Sylvia Swift

"Roy Surette's direction of this wonderfully nasty piece of work is as elegant and stylish as can be. Surette beautifully exploits the theatrical possibilities of Clark's script..."
- Georgia Straight

" The comedy drama, about a Canadian woman who loses her memory during a visit to New York, was nominated for the best play, best director (Roy Surette), best actor (Brian Torpe), best actress (Patti Allan), best supporting actor (Allan Zinyck), best supporting actress (Leslie Jones) and in three technical categories."
- The Globe & Mail

^ - Jessie Richardson Award Nomination
* - Jessie Richardson Award Winner

Photo: Callum Rennie and Patti Allan by David Cooper