Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa

By Rick Dobran
Oct 17 - 26, 2002
Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Director Katrina Dunn
Starring Donald Adams, Bill Croft, Rick Dobran, Paul Moniz de Sá, Allan Morgan, John Murphy, Dawn Petten and Jonathan Young
Set and Lighting Design by Robert Gardiner
Costume Design Mara Gottler
Sound Design David Hudgins

"...Lisa Lisa is exuberance married to fine performance and good production. Dorban's writing is witty and the story is sweetly ironic. This madcap world premiere could turn even La Gioconda's enigmatic little smile into a big grin."
- Fiona Hughes, Vancouver Courier

"Director Katrina Dunn deserves credit for the mostly consistent stylization of the performances. With considerable help from sound designer David Hudgins, Dunn also manages individual set changes elegantly."
- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

Photo: Dawn Petten and Allan Morgan, Jonathan Young by Tim Matheson