Life Skills

Life Skills By David King

By David King*
Nov 6 - 29, 1986
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director John Cooper
Starring Nicola Cavendish* & David King
Set and Costume Design Pearl Bellesen^
Lighting Design Gerald King
Video Howard Beraham and Ruby Truly
Sound Design Jan Hodgson
Technical Director Michael McConnell
Stage Manager Marion Anderson
Remount Stage Manager Gavin Bakewell

"Life Skills, Touchstone's 1986 winner of three Jessie Awards for excellence (best new play, production and actress) is back, and as lively and skilful as ever. [...] there's so much impetus and style in the production and the good skits are so good that when one ends you're baited and waiting for the next one. The audience was whooping by the end of it."
- Lloyd Dykk, Vancouver Sun

"Life Skills is enormously funny and sharp."
- Kevin Griffin, The West Ender

"Touchstone Theatre's Life Skills is an exceptionally humorous look at the state of human inter-relationship in today's society."
- Pradeep Jethi, The Ubyssey

^ - Jessie Richardson Award Nomination
* - Jessie Richardson Award Winner

Photo: Nicola Cavendish by David Cooper