Life After God

Life After God,  Michael Lewis MacLennan adapted from Douglas Coupland

Life After God

By Michael Lewis MacLennan^, adapted from the work of Douglas Coupland
a co-production with Theatre at UBC
1 - 11 November, 2006
TELUS Studio, Chan Centre
15 - 25 November, 2006
Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Life After God was developed by Touchstone Theatre, in partnership with Playwrights Theatre Centre, as part of Touchstone's Playwright in Residence programme.

Director Katrina Dunn
Starring Bob Frazer, Laara Sadiq, Kerry Sandomirsky, Michael Scholar Jr.^ with Ira Cooper, Kevin Kraussler, Evan Frayne, Olivia Rameau and Joanna Rannelli
Set Design by Andreas Kahre
Lighting Design by Robert Gardiner
Costume Design by Ariel Buchan
Sound Design by Richard Walters
Choreography by Deborah Dunn
Production Manager/Technical Director Liz Baca
Stage Manager Robin Bancroft Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager Kyla Gardiner

^ - Jessie Richardson Award Nomination
* - Jessie Richardson Award Winner

Photo: Bob Frazer by David Cooper