Kicked By Michael Healey

By Michael Healey
Jan 24 - Feb 4, 2001
The Blinding Light

Director Katrina Dunn*
Starring Donald Adams*
Sound Design Noah Drew*
Lighting Design Shane Droucker^
Video Design Sandra Lockwood
Technical Director Shane Droucker
Stage Manager Jessica Chambers

"…this is a strange and beautiful little piece of theatre with moments that can really get under the skin. To his credit, Adams often shows precise skills as the storyteller who has to untangle everything, and the end result sticks in the mind."
- Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

"Director Katrina Dunn's most shining talent, apparently, is extracting the finest from her performers. […] And Donald Adams' performance will leave you in awe of a man completely in tune with his craft."
- Leanne Campbell, Westender

"Kicked is simply a remarkable piece of theatre in the hands of a remarkable performer."
- Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Photo: Donald Adams by Tim Matheson