By Patrick Keating
A Neworld Theatre Production
In association with Main Street Theatre and Urban Crawl
Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

January 17-21, 2018
Performance Works

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Inside/Out follows Patrick Keating's journey as a child growing up in Montreal, getting into drugs and crime, entering the juvenile detention system at the age of 16, and serving a total of three sentences, one for bank robbery. Patrick’s honest and engaging delivery of his funny, sad, and stirring true story helps dismantle our ideas of what a ‘criminal’ looks like – and helps us better understand how language, race, and class play a very real part in our lives as Canadians. It’s about a man’s search for community: the community of the street, the community of prison, and of the theatre.

Darkly funny… a vivid and necessary reminder that people in prison are, first and foremost, human beings.” – Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight

Patrick Keating has been quietly fueling this city’s independent theatre scene with substance, rigor, and honesty.” – Norman Armour, Executive Director, PuSH International Performing Arts Festival

Writing and performing Inside/Out is one of the best choices Keating ever made.” – Jo Ledingham, On the Scene

Inside/Out succeeds as theatre beyond personality because it invites us to learn a great deal, in a short period, about a very different world. Keating – the artful dodger – has an unusual charm. (. . .) Inside/Out makes for a strangely original evening. Inside/Out is a carefully non-emotional show. With its restraint, there is dignity.” – Paul Durras, Vancouver Plays   

Production Credits

Directed by Stephen Malloy

Starring Patrick Keating