Hot Rods & Heavy Water

Hot Rods & Heavy Water By Michael Puttonen

By Michael Puttonen
Jan 19 - Feb 4, 1979
Robson Square Theatre

Director Ian Fenwick
Starring Judith Berlin, Hilmi Mohamed, Susanna Puttonen, Kim Seary and Colin Thomas
Musician Tom Dowden
Music J. Douglas Dodd
Set Design & Visuals Ken Kuramoto
Lighting Design Teresa Callan
Costume Design Carol Boyce
Choreography Sylvia Granda
Stage Manager Patrick W. Olenick

"A theatre company capable of producing a play on the weighty, theme of nuclear power that is both informative and entertaining deserves a great deal of credit. [...] At times brilliant and always unusual piece of theatre."
Ray Jones, Savant

" Last week in this space I wrote about Touchstone Theatre Company's Hot Rods and Heavy Water - a show I still recommend you go see for its straightforward stand on a complex issue."
Bob Mercer, Georgia Straight

Photo: Kim Seary, Judith Berlin, Hilmi Mohamed, Colin Thomas and Susanna Puttonen