By Michel Tremblay, Translated by John Van Burek and Bill Glassco
Mar 21 - Apr 6, 2002
Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Director Katrina Dunn
Starring Shawn Macdonald and Allan Morgan
Set Design Yvan Morissette^
Costume Design Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh
Lighting Design Adrian Muir
Sound Design Dorothy Dittrich
Technical Director John Webber
Stage Manager Stephen Courtenay
Assistant Stage Manager Deborah Lount

"Coming up on its 30th anniversary, this gem of the pathetic by Michel Tremblay remains bitingly relevant, especially given the "girl in a fishbowl" world of Vancouver drag, and director Katrina Dunn cast it with aplomb."
- Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

"Macdonald was captivating in his role as Hosanna. The blend of the masculine deep voice with the female cackle really brings out the pull of the two genders in one human being."
- YuWei Gao, The Peak

Photos: Shawn Macdonald by Daniel Collins