East of Berlin

East of Berlin by Hannah Moscovitch

Feb 18 – 28, 2009
The Firehall Arts Centre

by Hannah Moscovitch
A Tarragon Theatre production

A Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad presentation

Touchstone Theatre, the Chutzpah! Festival and the Firehall Arts Centre

Rudi has grown up in Paraguay, blissfully ignorant of his father’s past. When he discovers the awful truth, he tries to atone for his father’s appalling acts. Can love heal what history has so brutally torn asunder? Or will the horrors of the past haunt him forever?  East of Berlin is a stirring and absolutely essential meditation on the psychological legacy of the Holocaust, brought to life in a stunning production from one of Canada’s most respected and consistently innovative theatres.

"East of Berlin could easily have a life in theaters around the world.”  Variety

 “[Moscovitch is] the real thing” - The Toronto Star

Click here to watch a quicktime video with Diana Donnelly and Brendan Gall

Production Credits

Directed by Alisa Palmer
Starring Diana Donnelly, Paul Dunn and Brendan Gall
Set and Costumes by Camellia Koo
Lighting by Michael Walton
Sound by John Gzowski