Brothel #9

Brothel #9

By Anusree Roy
November 17-27, 2016
2-for-1 Preview November 17

Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch
As part of Diwali Fest


Warning: Play contains mature content (Ages 14+)

Rekha arrives in Calcutta thinking she has come to work in a light bulb factory. In actuality she has been sold to a pimp by her own brother-in-law. In this impossible situation Rekha manages to shape her own destiny and find inner liberty. Winner of the 2011 Dora Award for Outstanding New Play and a finalist for the 2012 GG Awards, this is the Western Canadian Premiere of a deeply moving work that promises to be a highlight of the fall theatre season.  

Hard-hitting … There's hardly a moment here to get your bearings or catch your breath. And what comes as a shock is how quickly we - like innocent, virginal, religious Rekha - acclimatize to the warped morality of this world where sex slavery is treated with a shrug. The horror wears off and, within a few scenes, the monsters of Birbal, Salaudin and Jamuna have become complex, complicated humans simply going about their day-to-day existence. … an impressive work from Roy.” THE GLOBE & MAIL

Production Credits

Directed by Katrina Dunn

Set Design by Drew Facey
Costume Design by Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh
Lighting Design by Adrian Muir
Music Supervision by Rup Sidhu
Stage managed by Joanne P.B. Smith

David Adams
Adele Noronha
Shekhar Paleja
Laara Sadiq
Munish Sharma

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Photo of Adele Noronha and Laara Sadiq by Emily Cooper