Apple By Vern Thiessen

By Vern Thiessen
A co-production with The Apple Core
Mar 5 - 15, 2003
Studio 16

Director Rachel Ditor
Starring Julia Arkos, David Bloom and Marilyn Norry^
Set and Costume Design by Kate King
Sound Design Noah Drew
Lighting Design John Webber

"Thiessen's poetic, tough and funny script starts by showing the rot in Andy and Evelyn's marriage. [...] This setup feels neither corny nor forced, because the characters are so credible and the language is so spare."
- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

"Vern Thiessen's Apple is a shining example of tight writing. Touchstone Theatre's production plays beautifully to that strength, allowing a remarkable performance from Marilyn Norry as Evelyn, a tough-talking real estate agent brought up short by a sharp pain in her left breast. [...] Rachel Ditor directs with a clear eye and ear to highlighting the text, placing the actors so every exchange counts."
- Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

Marilyn Norry and David Bloom by Daniel Collins