A Map of the Senses

A Map of the Senses By Gordon Amstrong

By Gordon Amstrong*
Feb 6 - March 1, 1992
The Firehall Arts Centre

Director Roy Surette
Starring Peter Anderson, Gina Bastone*, Susan Bertoia, Alex Ferguson, Wendy Gorling, Peter Hall, Allison Kelly and Suzie Payne
Set Design David Roberts*
Costume Design Barbara Clayden*
Lighting Design Gerald King* and Adrian Muir*
Slide Assembly Tim Matheson* and Teresa Healy*
Sound David Epp*
Stage Manager Paula Turner

"It's a really interesting concept and director Roy Surette has done an admirable job in keeping the whole thing moving. [...] What does work is the wonderful physical comedy, several good laughs [...] and the verve and energy of everyone involved."
- Renee Doruyter, The Province

"Touchstone Theatre has scored another success. Gordon Armstrong's A Map of the Senses [...] is an intelligent, imaginative production which is definitely "on the edge". The success of this theatrics adventure is due to a true collaboration of talent: a blend of highly original text by Vancouver playwright Gordon Armstrong, superb direction by Roy Surette, and a dazzling set design by David Robert which not only visually delights but is also marvellously versatile."
- Leigh Benson, West End Times

^ - Jessie Richardson Award Nomination
* - Jessie Richardson Award Winner

Photo: Alex Ferguson and Allison Kelly by David Cooper