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Public presentations of works in progress
Admission by donation at the door

The Longing and the Short of It
By Daniel Maté

June 10, 8PM
Waterfront Theatre

From acclaimed Vancouver-born composer-lyricist Daniel Maté comes a funny and deeply moving contemporary song cycle about longing and belonging. Winner of the Cole Porter Award for Excellence in Music and Lyrics, The Longing and the Short of It depicts six people of various ages, all searching urgently for a sense of lasting connection. Whether trying to connect with someone else or with themselves, their search is sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious, and always relatable, as channeled through Maté’s witty, catchy, sophisticated yet highly accessible theatre songs.

The Mysteries
Book by Ann Mortifee in collaboration with David Feinstein
Music by Ann Mortifee in collaboration with Edward Henderson
Lyrics by Ann Mortifee
Presented by the Arts Club Theatre Company

June 12, 7PM
Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage

Due to popular demand, the showcase is now sold out.

The Mysteries explores the urgent contemporary relevance of the ancient myth of goddesses Persephone and Demeter. When Persephone is abducted and taken to the Underworld, her mother Demeter halts the seasons, threatening life on earth. The Mysteries reveals how this myth predicted both the environmental cataclysm into which the world has fallen and how the story might be rewritten if we hope to survive. 

What’s On Your Mind [CANCELLED]
By Tracey Power and Steve Charles

In a world built by technology, can we still decipher what’s real? What are we actually looking for in there, within those digital walls, and do we have the self discipline to survive it? Is it possible now to truly disconnect or is our online life becoming the new real life?  

Stars Without Makeup
By David King

June 16, 8PM
Studio 1398

Two feuding celebrities — a pop singer and an A-list actress — call a truce in order to save their gifted massage therapist from being taken advantage of by a man whom they suspect is paparazzi.

The Preposterous Posthumous Predicament of Paulie Peel
Book by Julie Tepperman
Music and Lyrics by Kevin Wong
Dramaturgical Support by Aaron Willis
Inspired by the painting The Young Biologist by Paul Peel (1891)
World premiere commissioned and produced by Musical Stage Company, Toronto, ON as part of Reframed (April, 2016) Mitchell Marcus, Artistic & Managing Director

June 17, 2PM
Studio 1398

After the sudden death of his scientist father, ten year old Paulie Peel, and his mother Pauline, struggle to make sense of this tragedy. At the funeral, Paulie reveals a surprising scientific theory for dad's untimely "death" — a conundrum that only he, as his father's trusted apprentice, can solve. As Paulie and his Frog teach us, perhaps when confronted with the most unimaginable grief, imagination is the greatest form of courage. 

The Sweet Life
By Leslie Mildiner and Bob Buckley

June 17, 8PM
Studio 1398

1947: Ladysmith, Vancouver Island. A true story. When a group of kids and teens go on strike over the sudden leap in the price of chocolate bars, the stage seems set for a sugar-sweet local shaggy-dog story — that is, until the RCMP and national newspapers start to claim the pint-size protesters are being manipulated by Communist-Agitators.

Freedom Singer
By Khari Wendell McClelland
Admission by invite only

A documentary theatre piece inspired by a remarkable journey. In 2015, Khari retraced the steps of his great-great-great grandmother Kizzy and — using contemporary styles like hip hop, funk and soul — personalized the songs that likely accompanied her and thousands of others as they escaped U.S. slavery. Khari brings us face to face with his own "unrecorded" heritage, and the realities and myths of one of our quintessential historic narratives: the Underground Railroad.  

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